the ultimate solution in skin cleansing
Astroderm does not contain Methanol or any other chemicals banned by the FDA.

what is astroderm

astronaut quality products here on earth

Designed for space

AstroDerm was conceived for use on the International Space Station so that astronauts could sanitize without using alcohol based cleaners.

cleanser + lotion

Hand cleanser and skin moisturizing lotion is specially formulated to spread easily, penetrate the skin, and restore vital moisture. Uses the same antimicrobials that surgeons use when rinsing their hands.

all day protection

Apply three to four times per work day.  When applied to the skin AstroDerm quickly penetrates the outer layers, providing protection against dryness and microbial growth for hours.

why we're better

Biomedical researchers and chemists, at AstroDerm were charged with solving a growing problem: Professionals need to maintain extremely clean hands, without suffering the dryness caused by typical alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 
Natural silk proteins and Vitamin E keep skin moisturized.
No greasy residue after application. AstroDerm is formulated to penetrate outer layers of skin and to dry rapidly without leaving skin feeling oily and sticky.
A small amount goes a long way. The typical application is a large drop (0.45 ml) spreads easily and will cover both sides of both hands.


the many alternative uses of astroderm

Blemish Treatment

Promotes healing of current blemishes. Face cleansing without dry and flakey skin

Insect Relief

Relieves itching irritation, and swelling from insect bites. Original Formula has even been shown to act as an insect repellent.

Wound Care

Provides a nourishing environment to promote skin healing. Relives itching and redness from rashes.

The science behind

AstroDerm ™ was created by Endeavour Innovations, Inc. owned by Dennis R. Morrison R Ph, M.S. PHD, a leading scientist in the field of cancer research and microbiology for NASA.

The same grade of INGREDIENTS that hospitals trust

AstroDerm contains the same hospital grade ingredients that surgeons trust and rely on to apply to their skin before scrubbing in for an operation. Many hospitals bathe their patients in AstroDerm's antimicrobials daily to prevent infection.

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Formulated by Professional pharmacists

AstroDerm is manufactured in a FDA approved laboratory. Our formula contains Vitamin E, natural silk protein, and humectants that quickly absorbs, then rapidly dries, leaving a silky, soft feeling to the hands and skin.

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Independent lab results

Recently completed tests from an independent test lab, show that AstroDerm ( both with fragrance and fragrance free)
is 99.993% to 99.996% effective in killing four strains of bacteria and one fungus for as long as 28 days.
The lab tested four types of bacteria and a fungus:
E. coli - known to cause severe diarrhea and in immune compromised individuals can cause death.
P.aeruginosa - an important cause of infection , especially in patients with compromised host defense mechanisms.
S.aureus - (Commonly known as Staph) can contribute to MRSA.
A.brasiliensis - can cause fungal keratitis ( an infection of the cornea).
C.albicans - ( Candida)- opportunistic cause of oral and genital infections in humans.


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AstroDerm Professional Moisturizing Lotion

AstroDerm ™ Pro Skin Moisturizing Lotion is a special vitamin E and natural silk formula created by Dr. Dennis R. Morrison for medical professionals leaving the hands feeling silky smooth for hours. Pleasant fragrance added to leave skin smelling fresh.


AstroDerm Professional Moisturizing Lotion Fragrance Free

The same perfect formula as our Original, but without any added fragrance for those who may have a sensitivity to fragrances.

people who love it

I have been buying Astroderm for my mother and grandchildren for 3 years now.  My mother has psoriasis and says that the Astroderm gives her better results than anything she has bought over the counter.  It immediately relieves the itch and clears up the rash of psoriasis completely.  

Two of my grandchildren have eczema and their parents tell me that the Astroderm clears up flare ups of the eczema and keeps it at bay when they use it regularly.

- Linda R.
It leaves my hands feeling amazingly clean and refreshed !

- Ashley W.
Wonderful product! I keep one everywhere I go, this really cleanses my hands and it’s safe for children so I have no worries letting my daughter use it.

- Kazmere M.